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This class is part of the Paideia Playshop Series

Carpe Dictum - Verbal Negotiation - a Paideia playshop

with Angela and Iain
at SF Citadel, in SOMA district of San Francisco
363 Sixth St, near Folsom St
doors 7:00, workshop 7:30 - 10:30 PM
$15 - $25, sliding scale

In many cases, people don't get what they need because the words (or lack of words) get in the way. We see people at parties who want to get together, but never quite make it. People in relationships sometimes get stuck, even though both are ready for progress or changes.

This workshop goes beyond the usual checklists. Tonight we teach and practice how to open a conversation, make an offer, give good no/maybe/yes, and how to negotiate for what works for you. Differences between scene and relationship negotiations. How to ending and reopen negotiations. These skills apply from cruising strangers to improving a LTR. We also address negotiating with beginners.

After the negotiation practice period, you're welcome to negotiate and play out a real scene if you like.

This is a hands-on playshop. We'll do guided exercises in negotiation. You may also bring your general toy bag for the open practice period.

The evening has four parts (times approximate):
7 - 7:30 Brown Bag Munch
7:30 - 8:00 Presentations
8:00 - 9:30 Guided Hands-on Negotiation exercises
9:30 - 10:30 Open practice or play.

Paideia (“pie DAY ah”) is a Greek word meaning “learning through play”. Paideia evenings are more than regular workshops. First we socialize. You may bring your dinner or snacks to eat during the munch period. Then we see demos. Then we do the guided hands-on workshop. You’ll mainly work in pairs learning and refining your skills. Then during the open practice period, you may integrate your new skills with other play techniques. Or you may do more practice, or watch the variety of techniques that others practice.

Partners: For this class you'll be practicing negotiation with a range of people. Pre-arranged partners not required.

Reservations not required. Membership not required. You don't need to wear anything special. The event is open to anyone 18 years and older with a sincere, positive, personal interest in BDSM / leather / kink. All roles, genders, and orientations welcome. If you have questions you may write to edukink at yahoo dot com

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Angela and Iain are officers in the Society of Janus, Dungeon Monitors for SF Citadel and elsewhere, and teach BDSM classes at all levels, at many venues. Their teaching style combines humor and approachability with clarity and thorough research.

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What attendees have said:

“It's good to get beyond just physical technique.”

"I really learned it this time, since I got to practice it right then."

“A class, a mini-party, and a munch. The best way to spend a Thursday. I come every month, no matter what the topic.”

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“Carpe Dictum - Verbal Negotiation” is part of the Paideia series of monthly BDSM/leather events / playshops mainly for those of intermediate or advanced experience. The format intends to combine the best elements of hands-on workshops, a munch, a play party, and a peer workshop. More than a dozen topics are covered in these playshops, on both common and exotic topics. We have a core study group who increase the depth and breadth of their play each month, as well as have fun together.

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