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Kinky Camps

We collect kinky campouts and retreats of interest to Northern California kinksters. There are also some more private events, not listed here. This list also excludes the many indoor conferences. It is in approximately chronological order.

All these are residential, with some outdoor and/or retreat feel. Some are rustic, others in cabins. Some are potluck, others are catered. Some have a process for vetting attendees. Most/all require advance registration, and many fill up.

M/s Retreat. Focuses on Master/slave identified people and relationships. Inclusive. About equal numbers gay or straight. More couples / partnered folk than single. March or April, Fri-Sun. Saratoga Springs (2 hours north of SF). Since 2011. Usually sells out. Wonderful for those living power dynamic, M/s, or D/s relationships. Cabins, or bunkhouses. (was hijacked)
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Golden Gate Guards: Springtime in Yosemite. In May. Mostly gay male.

Back to Nature (BTN). Apparently straight or pansexual. May - September; about six monthly weekend events, 2-3 days. 75 miles NE of Sacramento. Attendees are vetted.

Camp Crucible. Pansexual. May - June, Memorial Day week, nine days of camp for four days vacation. Has lots of theme sb-camps, including Pony Camp. Philadelphia - Washington DC area.

Boot Camp. All gay male. June, 3-4 days. Since 1989. Saratoga Springs (2 hours north of SF). Must be a member or guest of The 15 Association. A relaxing, intense, challenging, fun and transformative time. Boot Camp has its own traditions, histories, running jokes and legends. Great players, great play equipment, great food. Cabins, bunkhouses, or tents.

Desire. All women. June, Fri-Mon. Palm Springs. Hotel.

Dark Odyssey: Fusion. Pansexual. June. Northern Maryland.

Howl, by TGIFresno. Women only. Twisted Cedar Estate, near Portland, Oregon. Started 2011. 1-2 nights. 2013 event

Camp Perv, by TGIFresno. Apparently straight or pan. Late July, Thu-Sun. Outside Oakhust, CA.

Camp Spanky. Pansexual. July. Southern California.

Gear Up. All gay male. July, Thu-Sun. Since 2011. Saratoga Springs (2 hours north of SF). Similar to LLW, except all male. Reputation for drawing many younger guys, both new and experienced. A lot of cruising and sex. A welcoming brotherhood. Very popular. Cabins, bunkhouses, or tents.

TransCampOUT. Focuses on the trans spectrum - people outside the gender binary. July. West Virginia. one fan's notes

Dirty Playground. Queer/trans. Outside Portland, Oregon. Tent camping or floor crashing. Summer camp tarted 2013, bi-monthly in-city party started 2012.

LLW (Leather Levi Weekend). All queer (LGBTIQ). Four days (Thu-Sun), usually second weekend of August. Since 2001. Saratoga Springs (2 hours north of SF). Welcoming, relaxed, diverse, accepting, hot. Very popular. Cabins, bunkhouses, or tents.
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Paradise Unbound. Near Seattle. Usually early September. Pan sexual. Six days.

Adult Community Camping Club ~ Southern California. Queer-centric. Tenting. Proposed for August 17-19 2012, but cancelled.

Fox Hunt. Typically more than half LGBTIQ, but welcoming of anyone interested in animal role play. Furs/Furries/Fursuits who are comfortable around bdsm are very welcome. One or more weekends per year. Various private SFBA and NorCal locations. Focus on prey, ponies, pups, their handlers and admirers. Cabins, bunkhouses, or tents.

LeatherWoods. Pansexual. Mid-August, 3-4 days. 8 miles east of Salem, Oregon. Since 2002. Clean and sober.

Burning Man. Huge. Straight and pansexual, vanilla, with large islands of kink and/or queer space. End of August to first weekend September: The week ending in Labor Day. Black Rock City, NV, NE of Reno. Includes several kinky camps, such as Camp de Sade, Suspended Animation, Temple of Atonement; and several queer and gender camps, such as Beaverton, Comfort and Joy, and Camp Gender Blender; and adult themed camps like Slut Garden; amid many non-kink, non-queer activities. A world unto itself.
Burning Man
Black Rock City Personals

In The Woods. Apparently straight or pan. Late July, up to 8 days. In NW Washington State; location varies. Not held in 2011 due to lack of venue. On Hiatus?

Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp. Pansexual. September. Northern Maryland.

Golden Gate Guards run (name/theme changes annually). Mostly gay male. An autumn weekend, varies Aug-Oct. Location varies in Northern California.

Weekend in the Country, by SF Defenders. A leather spirituality retreat. casual, warm, fun, hot. An autumn weekend, usually October; Fri-Sun. Spirituality interests include both mainstream and alternatives. Inclusive of everyone. Historically it has been entirely, or primarily, gay male. Location varies: Saratoga Springs or Guerneville (The Woods, or Wildwood). Cabins.

Black Leather Wings. Retreats and rituals several times per year. At the intersection of sprituality (neo-pagan), queer, and leather. Invitation only. The name is credited to Harry Hay of the Radical Faeries.

Liliane Hunt's Training Camp. Pansexual. For animal role play and military fetishists. Held in 2012.

The Billys. Gatherings for gay and bi men, only. 3-6 per year. Playful. Mostly leather-friendly. Clean and sober. Cabins, bunkhouses, or tents.

SF TNG. Proposed camping for 18-40 year old group.

N.E.S. Camping. Annual, private, rough tenting. Based from Sacramento. Mainly straight/pan. (2013 event)

Alberta Fetish ReTreat. near Calgary, Canada.

The Alaskan Kinky Campout.
Alaskan Kinky Campout III

There are lots of other smaller, more distant, or more private events. Let us know of any others that specifically should be in this list.

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