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background for - Fire Play demos and classes

Fire play involves having flames on and/or near the skin of the bottom and top.

Note that our Fire Play demos, at e.g. LDG Fetish Fair, are not typical of our private scenes. In a private scene we take our time and linger between moves. We focus on the connection. And we focus on how things feel more than how they look. In a public demo, we try to show many different styles and techniques of play. We try to keep the pace brisk. And we try to show each technique dramatically, near the limit of what's possible safely.

Here (in alphabitical order) are some fire players whom we have seen enough to be able to recommend them as mentors or teachers. Each has different styles and specialities. There must be other excellent fire tops as well, but we haven't had enough opportunity to study them.

We don't endorse all the content on the following sites. Some points we disagree with. However, these are among the better sites available. More coming soon.

Some related websites:

Books: To see a way NOT to do it, watch this short vid several times. These idiots were very lucky. Everyone screwed up, even the spotters and model. Don�t do this at home. Watch this clip for an untrained, clueless stunt going bad. Count the mistakes.

There seems to be more fire play safety info in the (vanilla) poi and circus world than in the BDSM fire play world, including:

Some basics on some peripheral topics:

When doing teaching or demos, I provide my Fire Play handout.

Here's my Fire Spotter checklist.

�That froogy guy really knows where his towel is.� - Douglas Adams

Sample questions for bottoms include:

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